Monday, 13 May 2013

Them Trunks Are Bang Tidy!!!


Keith Lemon takes delivery of some very "Bang Tidy" Trunks

British comedian Leigh Francis, better know as the flamboyant 'Keith Lemon' on ITV's Celebrity Juice has taken delivery of some very special 'one of a kind' Leopard Print Storage Trunks.
Last week, The Operations Director and Production Manager of 5 Star Cases & Mossman Trunks, arrived in London for a Live recording of the hit panel TV show Celebrity Juice. On arrival, the specially designed Trunks were delivered to the Stars management team who then forwarded them on to Leigh's personal home address. The Star later posted on Twitter that he had received the Trunks at his home address and loved them to bits. The picture below was posted on Twitter by Leigh a couple of days later of the Our Leopard Print Trunks and some shoes sent by Jodie Marsh.
Tweet posted by Keith Lemon @lemontwittor

The latest series of 'Lemon la Vida Loca' starts soon on ITV so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I adore these special made Mossman trunks. They are really awesome. Its great to see they are not a thing of the pass as I thought. I hope they come back in style in a abundance. A lovely way to store possession and great for travelling in style.

  2. Thank you for your comments Lucy. Its very much appreciated.