Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Funky Furniture


Mossman's Bedside Trunks

Uk Storage & Luggage Trunk Manufacturer 'Mossman' have developed the first in a stunning new range of home furniture products. These bedside Trunks are available in 17 vibrant colours and are a must have for any Traditional British interior.
To compliment the New Bedside Trunks

Laundry Bin - Traditional Style

Under Bed Storage

Further details for the full range of Mossman products can be found Online at:

Monday, 13 May 2013

Them Trunks Are Bang Tidy!!!


Keith Lemon takes delivery of some very "Bang Tidy" Trunks

British comedian Leigh Francis, better know as the flamboyant 'Keith Lemon' on ITV's Celebrity Juice has taken delivery of some very special 'one of a kind' Leopard Print Storage Trunks.
Last week, The Operations Director and Production Manager of 5 Star Cases & Mossman Trunks, arrived in London for a Live recording of the hit panel TV show Celebrity Juice. On arrival, the specially designed Trunks were delivered to the Stars management team who then forwarded them on to Leigh's personal home address. The Star later posted on Twitter that he had received the Trunks at his home address and loved them to bits. The picture below was posted on Twitter by Leigh a couple of days later of the Our Leopard Print Trunks and some shoes sent by Jodie Marsh.
Tweet posted by Keith Lemon @lemontwittor

The latest series of 'Lemon la Vida Loca' starts soon on ITV so keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mossman Trunks - April 2013 Facebook Competition



ISVirtual was picked at random on 30/04/13 from the 116 Facebook Page 'Likes' as the winner of this fabulous Red Mossman Treasure Chest. Thank you all for participating and good luck to you all for next months Competitio.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Lady Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) off To Boarding School and not looking too happy about it.

In the early days, Mossman were one of many UK Trunk Manufacturers. The Traditional 'Bifurcated Plywood' Luggage/Storage Trunk was not an uncommon sight and so many of the older images taken were somewhat difficult to identify.
We came across these 2 amazing images of Lady Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) on her way to Boarding School with her Trunk and Tuck Box.
We still cant make out for sure if these are Mossman, although we are pretty confident that we can see the old fashioned Metal Stretched oval "London Mossman Made" Logo under the lock in the Black & White image.
Let us know your thoughts!


Friday, 19 April 2013

A Look In the Window at Heidi Klein, Chelsea.


Heidi Klein - Located at 257 Pavilion Road, off Sloane Square and right in the heart of London's fashionable Chelsea, stocks everything to create your perfect holiday wardrobe, all year round.

The latest trend hitting the High Street is the Traditional Plywood Luggage Trunk and its popularity is spreading like wildfire. British Trunk manufacturers 'Mossman' have provided Design Specialists Lucky Fox Ltd with a range of Custom Trunks and Cases for their latest window display in the heart of Chelsea.
Heidi Klein opened its doors in 2002 and quickly became renowned as the one-stop-shop for the perfect holiday wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for barefoot chic or super yacht glamour, Heidi Klein offers a diverse range of stylish yet practical swimwear, clothing and accessories. From bikinis and one pieces to sunhats, flip flops and kaftans you will find everything you need to pack for holidays in the sun, all year round.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Traditional Harris Tweed Luggage & Storage Trunks


Mossman launch the Uk's first and only Range of Traditional (and very Genuine) Harris Tweed Luggage Trunks

The Harris Tweed Fabric we all know and love.

The inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland have woven a beautiful and intricate cloth the world knows simply as Harris Tweed. The islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra produce this luxury cloth entirely by hand and have long been known for the excellence of their weaving. However up until the middle of the nineteenth century, their cloth was used only on their crofts or sold at local markets, but in 1846, Lady Dunmore, widow of the landowner of Harris, the Earl of Dunmore, chose to have their clan tartan replicated by Harris weavers in tweed. The results proved so successful that Lady Dunmore began to devote much time and effort to marketing the tweed to her wealthy friends further afield and as a result of her enthusiastic work sales and trade of the island cloth were soon established with merchants across the country.

This was the beginning of the Harris Tweed industry.

Well established Traditional Storage & Luggage Trunk manufacturer 'Mossman Trunks' are one of the latest companies to introduce this fantastic fabric into a its own unique range of Storage & Luggage Trunks. The blend of Scottish heritage coupled with the Traditional hand made bifurcated construction of the Mossman Trunks have begun a new craze on the High Street. Visit us on Facebook for all the latest product information.

Harris Tweed by Mossman

Monday, 25 March 2013

Traditional Style Luggage is back with a bang!

Back in 1938, 'Mossman' began building a range of quality plywood Luggage Trunks and Tuck Boxes. This traditional bifurcated plywood construction set the boundaries for student storage and provided the majority of the country's boarding schools with their Luggage and Tuck Box needs for decades to come. All good things do eventually come to an end and with the growing import market, the statement - 'Made in Great Britain' was soon to become a thing of the past.
Manufactured products began pouring into the country and for the next 20 - 30 years British manufacturers were becoming few and far between. Some on the other hand held on! Some carried on with what made Britain great and in time 'like all good things' the trend returned. Mossman was one of those brands that held on and continued to build Storage Trunks using the same Traditional methods of construction. The fashion industry began incorporating traditional luggage into its designs and Interior Designers began using vintage style Trunks around the home.
In 2001, British manufacturer 5 Star Cases Ltd acquired Mossman Trunks in a deal set to re-model the brand. Companies including Department Store giant 'John Lewis' and Google Ad sensations 'The Cambridge Satchel Co are now offering their very own range of Traditional Plywood trunks.
LOOK Magazine contacted Mossman in 2012 to supply them with a range of Storage Trunks for a 2 page feature in the Decembers 'Christmas' double edition.